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Healthy Chocolate Bites

🥥SF, DF, GF, Egg-free.... is it possible to be delicious? ✅Hell yeah!

Vegan food is getting more popular every day.

I would like to share with you my healthy coconut chocolate bites. They are very easy and fast to make.

📝 Recipe ➡️

Products I’m using:

🔸Coconut milk:

🔸Coconut butter:

🔸Coconut flakes:

🔸Agave syrup:

🔸Chocolate: or


🔸Silicon mold:

Note: This post contains affiliate links that allow you to find products you need for that recipe at no additional cost to you. While this blog may earn minimal sums when the reader uses the links, the reader is in no way obligated to use these links.

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