The Story

Hello, friends!

I am very excited to have you here.


What is that thing that makes you keep going every day?

What is your passion?

What is it that fuels each and every one of you?

My name is Tatyana, and for me, one of those things it's my baking passion.

Since I got started cooking and baking as a child, I have found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life.

I also enjoy writing, and this way I am able to combine two of my passions, what interests me, and share it with the world.

I've been born and raised in Bulgaria, and currently living in the United States for the last few years with my husband and our daughter. 

I would love to see you making my food, please put a tag @thebakingbeet or a #thebakingbeet on your Instagram.

If you're more interested in me as a person, follow me on my personal Instagram - tah4uta. 

Let's escape from the real world and hide together in the kitchen! 

Happy cooking! 

P.S. If your first try is not as good as you expected, just put a smile on that pretty face and try again tomorrow!